What is a Choice Concept?


Simply add value to giving without Cost!

A Choice Concept enables your clients and employees to choose themselves their Gift of Preference. A personal gift for everyone!

Each beneficaery can login to choose the gift of their prefference based on the budget you decide. Both sides get the best experience there is in the giving industrie.

Our solution truely guarantees appreciation for both parties !

Why a Choice Concept ?

There are a couple of good reasons to decide on a Choice Program. In fact, you'll see there is actually no reason to go for anything else !

100% Personal

So many people, so many preferences...Our assortments cater for any taste!

100% Satisfaction

Your recipient can choose what he wants, when he wants, where he wants.

100% Scalable

Do you need 1-2-3 codes additional? A last minute decision? You want to include more receivers...Their all just a click away.

100% Budgetfriendly - Pay on Redemption

Avoid spending budget for unwanted gifts! Either they choose a gift they really want, or you don’t spend budget.

100% Fiscally attractive

Only Pay for redeemed Gifts. Recuperate VAT as per fiscal policy.

100% Targetted

Award, communicate and reward as you want. Different budgets, gifts or texts...so many options.

Our Concepts



Predefined assortment of attractive Gifts
Choose your preferred gift from a dedicated website
4 Budget levels 15-25-35-40 €
A broad gift selection across famous brands
Personalised website available


Predefined assortment of Baby Gifts
Give, amaze and congratulate with simple 1 solution
Budget levels 30 &50 €
A broad gift selection, from fun to functional
Personalised website available


Develop your own Choice program according to your budget, target audience and desired features & assortment... 
Our services include Giftboxes, courtesy cards, gift-wrapping, campaign website, product selection


Build your own to fit your needs!
We offer all the components, you put them to work to support your goals.

How does it work?

1. Determine your Budget
Determine your budget, adding up all services you would like...
The Gift, giftwrap or not, individual or office delivery, a special thank-you card...
2. Off-the Shelf or Custom Box
3. Set-up Website
4. Distribute Codes
5. Recipient chooses the Gift

We specialise in Business Gifts, Rewards and Incentives that change behavior, without giving you a headache!
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